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TX Support Mission - 09/08-13/17:

The VA ERG is proud to be working w/ other groups to collect donations for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The VA ERG will be part of a convoy leaving the Lynchburg, VA area on Friday Sept 8th to delivery all collected donations. A sincere and heart felt thank you to all the great citizens of our commonwealth who's opened their hearts and wallets to assist our efforts.  The VA ERG completed its marathon supply run to deliver donations to the Cathedral In the Pines Church is Beaumont, TX and arrived back in VA safely.

Bedford County Missing Autistic Man - 08/02/16:

The VA ERG is happy to announce that Timothy Kilpatrick has been found. Our thanks to all the members of the VA ERG who assisted in these searches and to the local community members who stepped up and assisted as well. Job well done...  :-)

Official News Release from Bedford County Sheriff Office (BCSO):

The below is a direct announcement from the BCSO:

This is Sheriff Mike Brown. I am happy to report that Timothy Kilpatrick, the 18 year old autistic male, was found alive today at approximately 8:30AM. I want to thank all of you who assisted in the search for this young man. More information on this matter will be available in the local media later. Thank you and have a great day!

1st Annual Meet & Greet - 07/18/15:

The VA ERG is happy to announce that it's first annual Meet & Greet will be held Saturday July 18th, 2015 at James River State Park's Picnic Shelter #4 from 2-8pm. This event is open to ALL Virginia patriots and is an excellent opportunity for you to come out and learn more about what a militia is and more importantly what it is not! This is a family friendly event with plenty of activities at the park to keep everyone busy and having a good time. There will be plenty of food and drinks provided.

James River State Park
Picnic Shelter #4
104 Green Hill Drive,
Gladstone, VA 24553

There is a $4/vehicle parking fee for anyone attending, sorry about that, but we've got the picnic shelter and all the food/drinks covered... :-)  For more information about this event, please send us an e-mail and we'll follow-up quickly.

Training & M&Gs Update - 02/15/15:

Training events will be posted in the forums to identity topics, training objectives, lesson plans, etc so that we can begin elevating the entire VA ERG's tactical proficiencies, survival skills, community planning and most importantly be in-sync with each other for when the SHTF. Normally the VA ERG trains in central Virginia on the the 2nd and 4th weekends of each month. Individual posts regarding locations, times, RPs and training topics will only be posted in our forums, they will never be posted on the website, Facebook or any other form of social media.

We are working on getting a M&G scheduled for the Spring and will most likely be in the April/May timeframe.

Site Update - 11/8/2013:

We've updated our website and are in the process of shifting from the previous site(s) and FB to our new home. Please look and ask yourself if you like where this country is going? If the answer is no, are you willing to do something about it? If so, then get civically involved, express your concerns, and join a group to actually do something proactive!!!